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Neurosurgical Training for

Deep Muscle Injection

The main goal of the project is to design a  conceptual framework for neurosurgical training to develop standardized training modules for technical skills required in Deep Muscle Injection (DMI). Inputs from neurosurgeons was used to define the simulation content by selecting the appropriate tasks needed. Cognitive task analysis of basic and complex surgical techniques was identified to select the appropriate tasks required in the training. Each task then was elaborated into training modules to include learning objectives, level of complexity, and various performance metrics. 


Some of the project expected outputs:


  • Providing high-profiled modes of visualization and interaction to reduce the surgeon’s cognitive overload thus increasing their surgical performance.

  • Elevating any technical burdens from surgeons by making the technology used user friendly and as simple as possible to achieve higher degrees of usability.

  • Delivering instant realistic feedback from the tools used during the simulation training.

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